Carcass: Mind-mapping and ideas from the sketchbook

sketchbook carcass 3

During the initial stages of mind-mapping I looked at various thoughts and meanings surrounding the idea of the human V technology, dystopia V utopia, what is human?…etc. Looking at images from books that I own as well as reading a chapter of Science Fiction Cinema: from outerspace to cyberspace (KING, G., KRZYWINSKA, T., 2000.) from which the mind-map above was created. The images are from the book History of the Future (LORIE, P., MURRAY-CLARK, S, 1989.) top left, a painting by Enrico Prampolini- Extraterrestrial Spirituality (1932) a Futurism artist, top right and an organic wall painting in Valencia from my own photo collection.

This is to show where my thoughts were taking me on the first read through: images of the future that are often in confliction.

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