A Rough Breakdown of Dec/Jan: The timetable

This is my timetable for the next few weeks. I have done this partly to add into the learning agreement and partly to give me some kind of focus over Christmas. There are certain things that I want to achieve, or at least get underway by the 6th of January when we all have our first presentation and assessment.

9th-15th:- Starting the case studies:- gathering of information and making contact with potential Production Designers

General research in the way of art department/designers

The novels: gathering and reading potential fiction that can used for my realisation

16th-22nd:- Look at existing research and study in both post-apocalyptic and Dystopian genre culturally and design wise

Post apocalyptic and Dystopian films and TV in general

Current contexts

Expand on case studies in regards to above list

23rd-29th:- Continue with Post-apocalyptic and Dystopian film  and TV

Continue with reading fiction

Skills development in CAD and Photoshop

30th-5th:-  Add to the contextual studies where necessary

Fiction reading

The presentation development of what I have learnt so far

This is a working document so the timetable will change as I progress through the month. I will also be taking some time off over Christmas.

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