The Tube Riders Sketchbook: Interiors and reception spaces

I have a rough idea of how I want the space to look and feel but I still need to think about height, detail, possible lighting and how it will all fit together. When looking at the industrial spaces of the London stations I was particularly drawn to the idea of light flooding in from above when the character of Clayton walks into the reception. The reception is in the bowels of the building, so to have walkways and windows high above with light flooding downwards would create some interesting lighting and camera angles. It reminded me of the cathedral in Liverpool so I put together a mood board to see if the two spaces would work together as  inspiration for the heart of the building.



The idea of the eye being drawn upwards like in a church could work well. The cathedral is also circular in shape so fits in with my initial ideas.


rec int 2


Above: A rough sketch to show a possible shape to the overall space. Next I will work on some more detail, introducing industrial and clinical elements.

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