Working with White Card Models: The Medical Research Centre 1

I chose The Medical Research Centre to be my main sound stage model build this term as it provides a variety of interesting spaces to design. Some of the areas will work as composite sets to allow the characters to walk through, other parts will be separate.

I see that the sets will probably be broken up into three main sections:- Firstly the corridor, lift and main reception as one because of the ease of a walk through. They are all built on the same level, even though the lift has the illusion of taking the characters to different floors. The reception area will have a walkway above ground.

The second area will consist of stairs and corridor leading to the arena, plus the arena itself. Because the arena drops down it needs to be built inside the tank. The tank offers a good depth to create the floor, walls and allows for the balcony/walk area to be built over the edge of the tank. I chose to make the stairs/arena sections separate from the reception as there needs to be a drop in height from the stairs to the arena so they have to be built on platforms.

The third area will probably be a lab area which I have yet to design.

I had a go at working out the rough dimensions in white card, building the floor and tank area and then making the bare bones of the arena part of the model.

model 1 arena

The first picture shows the basic shape and how it will fit over the tank. The other images are views and development of the pillars and walls. There are no doors yet as this is work in progress. I need to add railings, floor and wall details and a whole section for the ceiling. The curve of the wall was created by scoring the foam board.

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