The Arena: Design details and renders

I’m finalising the details of the arena design, including the doors, lights, handrails and another set props that are needed this week. Although the space is fairly stripped back in terms features there are still many things to consider such as texture, colours and materials to use in both the model and actual set. Most of the wall will be a rough stone texture with the columns made of stone and metal. The rest of the space will have industrial features so will be a mixture of part medieval part industrial.



The door will be a mixture of rusted industrial looking panel surrounds and metal, safety signs, handles etc and will take on the features of an airlock/security style door. This will be rendered with signage, colour and texture in my next post.


I’m going for a similar look with the handrails, making them around 36-38 inches tall which is a fairly standard height.


The space also features a wheel/chandelier type of prop that will have chains to replicate those you find in medieval torture chambers. I was thinking of making it so that it could rise up or lower to tighten the chains accordingly.



Finally some lighting that can be used as wall mounted lights. These could also be adapted to be  hanging by wires or chains to carry on the industrial/torture chamber theme of the space.

The next phase of the arena design will involve rendering all theses features and completing some visuals/concepts. I will also be completing the technical drawings.

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2 thoughts on “The Arena: Design details and renders

  1. Anneque G. Malchien

    That all looks freaking sweet. You’re doing it right.

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