The Arena: Details and renders 2

I have used a combination of techniques for the renders starting with the hand drawn sketches then digitally painting the colours and render textures. I have gone for metallic surfaces that are rusted with brushed and stained metal for some contrast. Alongside these textures there will be stone walls. The arena is set deep within the medical research centre into the bedrock and will be dimly lit. I am planning to experiment with some lighting scenarios as part of the final concept paintings.  The arena space is in complete contrast to the main complex being more run down and rough. The book often describes many of the settings and props as being medieval in influence even though it is set in the future. Working with a variety of textures, influences and architecture provides some great challenges in terms of research and design. Although every set is different they all need to connect to create a coherent overall design. This is part of the Production Designer’s job throughout, from pre-production to post-production regardless of whether CGI is used or not. I will look at how CGI/VFX will be used in the arena space. It’s likely that if anything is needed, it will be subtle, if at all.

door render e 2

The surround of the doorway is rusted. Both sides of the door will be the same  apart from a warning sign on the exterior side.

lights 2 render

Light design (hanging). This will also be replicated for a wall light. (Rusted metal texture on the main casing.)


rail render 3b

Railings continue the rusted metal theme throughout with steel coloured handrail sections.

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