The White Card Model: Medical Research Centre part 3

Building on the details of the main reception area I began to add buttress style pillars throughout the space. I wanted to create walls or areas that could be lit, casting some subdued light in addition to the shaft of light from above. There is still a lot of detail to add to the walls including piping and ceiling connections. There is also a floor motif to design and the ceiling itself with a walkway.

model phase 2

Top pictures are some wall and buttress detail, below the pictures show the rough layout of the floor space of the reception with pillar positions.

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Digital Painting: Sketch Up and Photoshop

I had a go at digital painting over an image created in Sketch Up. The Sketch Up image is a basic,  clinical looking drawing but is quick to produce. I’m more used to drawing with pencil and painting so I’m making the transition to digital art in order to work quickly.

shadows and cladding 1

Basic Sketch Up drawing

tester 2

Drawing altered in Photoshop using a blue filter and digital painting with a mouse, building broken windows and texture.

rubbish street 1

Starting to add possible rubble from photos.

rubbish street 2

rubbish street 3a

Above pictures show the cutting out sections of wall to show dereliction in Photoshop.

rubbish street mask

Adding more texture to floor and walls with painted grass. I didn’t go any further with pasting rubble on this occasion but will be adding in some other pasted images at the next stage. All the painting has been done using a mouse which is a little awkward to use when I’m used to pencil, so the next time I will be using a Wacom tablet that allows a more natural way to paint digitally.


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The Derelict Landscape: Nottingham Part 2

I’ve added another selection of derelict building photos from Nottingham continuing the theme and providing more visual inspiration.  Although sunshine doesn’t always set the mood for post apocalyptic scenes, winter sun provides the right light to get some nice shadows and contrast which might be useful.  The light also makes it possible to see some of the detailing in the brickwork and windows. All these photos have had some digital enhancement playing with contrast and colour but I have all the originals for future reference.

building 4

building 7

bus station 6

doorway 1

windows 1

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Photographs of Abandonment: The post apocalyptic landscape

This is a selection of photographs showing places around the world that have been abandoned for many years. These serve as inspiration for my scrapbook and also show in conjunction with my previous  post https://amandafullwoodma.wordpress.com/2013/12/30/the-post-apocalyptic-landscape-location-and-production-designthe-road/ that potential locations do exist and provide a wealth of visual information for the Production Designer.

nr chenobyl

Pripyat, a city of nearly 50,000, was totally abandoned after the nearby Chernobyl nuclear disaster in 1986.


The Ryugyong Hotel –Abandoned for 16 years.  In 2008, work started again and although a lot of the interior is still abandoned and incomplete, the outside is now coated in $150 million worth of glass and has paying guests.


Abandoned Coal Plant – France


The abandoned Hashima Island which was once rich in coal, with over 5000 miners once living on the island.


Abandoned Power Plant – Belgium

The Domino Sugar Factory in Darkness

Abandoned Domino Sugar Factory — Brooklyn, New York

281 rigs

Originally built during World War II to protect the River Thames.

References:- http://distractify.com/culture/arts/the-most-spectacular-abandoned-places-in-the-world/ [sourced on 28/12/2013]

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