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Thinking About The Future: London Concepts

I will also be looking at the city of London itself alongside designing interiors; how it might change over the next 50 years and producing concepts that could influence the post production side of design. I think it’s important for the Production Designer to have a good idea of how the world will look down to the smallest detail, even if some of the design jobs are done by other departments. The production designer oversees the overall look of the film.

As part of my location scouting day I also took photos with this in mind, so thinking of potential visuals that would probably be developed as CGI rather than built. One is a future Canary Wharf. I took this photo with the goal of adapting it. The visual is an early stage concept so there is still a lot to do to the foreground and some buildings to add in the distance, but just by adding some colour filters and sky detail, I can see what is possible.



composite a

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Carcass: Machines, cyborgs and future cities

Here are two more pages from my sketchbook that are mainly scrapbook images of Futurism, androids, machines and architecture for inspiration.

sketch carcass cyber 1

Below is an image adapted from architecture in Valencia . I tend to work with cut outs and sketches at the start of a project as I find playing with photographs, altering the angles and shapes can reveal interesting designs that can then be drawn up or digitally enhanced.

Images are from Futurism-Movements in Modern Art (Humphreys, R., 1999),  History of the Future (Lorie, P., Murray-Clark, S., 1989) and my own photo collection.

arch sketch carcass 1

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