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World Building

city concept 3    DSC01001

World building is something that I’ve been fascinated with for years. From game design to creative writing it is quite literally the building blocks of all fantasy and fictional worlds. Between my film and illustration projects I will be exploring the idea of world building as I see it, from research to concept; map design, characters, location and inspiration to name but a few. Although I am essentially an artist and set designer I have an interest in writing and all forms of narrative such as game design. There will be posts that focus on all types of world building as well as visual inspiration.

Oni Demon internet     DSC00299

So whether you’re a concept artist, writer or budding production designer you should find something that suits all narrative research. It’s worth following the blog and also looking back over my MA work as there are many relevant entries about science fiction film and set design.

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Collaborative Beginnings

In the first 2 weeks we were all thrown in at the deep end when we were introduced to the first collaborative project. The idea was to initially introduce us to other students on a variety of art and design MA programmes so we could get to know each other, secondly to introduce us to Nottingham. Most students were unfamiliar with the city and I, as the only one in my group that had lived here for several years became the tour guide for our first day. Not surprisingly there were things that even I discovered while treading familiar streets that included side streets that I’d not noticed before, canal side cafes, art, statues and new shops.

There are always new things to discover, no matter how well you think you know a place. I think this is something that I can take on board and use in my approach to future work. I will aim to keep my camera with me, just in case there is anything that I can use for my designs or just for good old fashioned inspiration.

reflections 1 zer8          face Zer8

reflections 3         zer8 set up 4

zer8 set up 3     zer8 set up 5       reflections 2 Zer8

So using photos, film, illustrations and journeys with our Blackpool snow globe plus discussions about tourism and cultural differences, we devised a 5 minute film showing Mr Blackpool, the souvenir becoming the tourist and collecting his own memories and objects representing his and our Nottingham.

Team Zer8 at

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