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The Tube Riders: Corridor concept

Taking some of the details from my sketchbook I’ve had a go at piecing together a concept for the medical research centre corridor. Starting out in sketch up with a really basic structure, I built up layers of colour, shine on the floor and some basic lighting. I’m not sure whether this is entirely finished as there are a few problem areas to iron out, but it gives a guide to what the mood lighting will be and a rough size. I may add a figure in at a later stage.

Below: From Sketch Up to Photoshop/digital painting.

cropcorridor abc

corridor abc

cor filters1 and lights

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The Tube Riders Sketchbook: The reception and levels

I’m continuing with drawing out possible shapes and details for the reception area, incorporating details that I have sourced from my mood boards and getting a clearer idea of what the upper levels might look like.

ind mood

Above: Mood board that shows the architecture of the Lloyd’s building in London with some more industrial additions. These serve to inspire the main reception area and show how height, levels and piping could work in my designs.

Below: Some drawings to show positions of walk ways, pipes etc and some possible window detail. I’ve added a bit of colour on the bottom picture just to get an idea to work from for concepts.

reception int 2



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The Tube Riders Sketchbook: Interiors and reception spaces

I have a rough idea of how I want the space to look and feel but I still need to think about height, detail, possible lighting and how it will all fit together. When looking at the industrial spaces of the London stations I was particularly drawn to the idea of light flooding in from above when the character of Clayton walks into the reception. The reception is in the bowels of the building, so to have walkways and windows high above with light flooding downwards would create some interesting lighting and camera angles. It reminded me of the cathedral in Liverpool so I put together a mood board to see if the two spaces would work together as  inspiration for the heart of the building.



The idea of the eye being drawn upwards like in a church could work well. The cathedral is also circular in shape so fits in with my initial ideas.


rec int 2


Above: A rough sketch to show a possible shape to the overall space. Next I will work on some more detail, introducing industrial and clinical elements.

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Skills and Digital Design: Google Sketch Up

Today I downloaded Google Sketch Up as it’s a useful tool  for producing quick concepts of architecture and interiors. I exported the first two images as Jpegs which means I should be able to use them in other applications like Photoshop. The first images are really about experimenting with rough room shapes and textures and seeing what I can do. Each wall has a different texture chosen from brickwork through to stone. There are plenty of textures to choose from so it’s possible to render architectural buildings, rooms, streets and external scenes that contain organic matter such as grass.

room textures 1

room textures 2

dogs and sketch up 099

This image show the introduction of objects that are imported from the Sketch Up files. The clock, desk, chair and rug are all imported additions that were resized and manipulated to fit roughly with the shape and size of room.

Today was just a starting point and there is a lot to learn. I’m going to keep working on the application this week and see what’s possible. Whether the textures are realistic enough for some of the concepts I have in mind remains to be seen, but maybe creating composites of Sketch Up and Photoshop combined might produce some nice textures and workable designs.

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Carcass: Pods, boxes and concepts

sketchbook carcass pods1

Above and below are selections of sketchbook pages from the Carcass project looking at Lucy’s sleeping pod/interiors that are inspired by modern pods and nest structures. Although the Carcass world contains no trees I think there will be a return back to nature in the design of man-made structures showing the conflicting relationship between technology and organic form. The pod doubles up as a prop and interior and may feature in my story board so I wanted to get to grips with the design for this as soon as possible.

pods sketch 2

carcass sketch boxes

Some box and Persecom (handheld device that displays images such as holograms) ideas from the sketchbook. These are still ongoing.

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