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Final stages of Carcass: Technical drawing and props

It’s been a long time since I’ve drawn anything to scale so when we were asked to do technical drawings as plans and elevations I was a little apprehensive. The drawings that I was expected to do for theatre were quite simple in comparison. There was no need to think about the backs of flats and how flats would be constructed to allow them to be removed for cameras and lighting. The scale was also different–1:25 for theatre, 1:50 for film and television. Also I was a bit rusty.

I attempted to use CAD but due to inexperience and the deadline was not able to master the app in time to do even a basic drawing (I will however aim to spend some time during December and January producing at least one drawing on CAD for practice).

I’d also never drawn props to scale with construction measurements as I generally made props myself, sourced them or was there  in person in the past to oversee anything being built.

These scans show my ‘work in progress’ as they were not completely finished. I’m hoping to find suitable computer applications that will allow these sorts of drawings to be produced quickly. However, I do also want to keep my hand in with drawing in the traditional sense as it’s good to be able to use a variety of approaches. It can make a designer more adaptable to any given situation.

lucys flat elevation plan

Plan and extended elevation of Lucy’s flat.

mediknife prop 1

The Medknife prop.

box prop 1

Basic dimensions of the box prop to scale 1:20

The drawings show a progression of ideas, however, I do need to add more detail about materials, measurements, finishes etc.

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My new Pinterest page

Yesterday I created a Pinterest page on which I can pin or collect visual bookmarks of websites, pictures, articles etc. of all things that relate to my MA project or anything that inspires me. It’s a kind of sketchbook/ pin board/ visual reference scrapbook that is already taking shape with dystopian/post apocalyptic images, books, films, stage designs and art. Any that get used academically will then be added to my main reference list and some of the most inspiring pictures will be featured in my Pinterest gallery on the right hand side of the journal page.

dystopian goodreads

Image from Pinterest but originally sourced from  showing the increase in dystopian books since the 60’s, pinned at

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