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VectorWorks and Plans

Towards the end of term we were introduced to the industry standard software VectorWorks. It is similar to CAD in the way it allows you to produce technical drawings to scale. It also has 3D capabilities so that you can turn plans into 3D models and then render them with realistic textures and surfaces. I found a few examples before having a go at making a basic plan and seeing how it looks as a 3D model.


image available at[sourced on 2/5/14]

Gallery00250_Rest_BarArea Gallery02349_jasper

two above images available at [sourced on 2/05/14]

These pictures show what is possible for rooms and architecture. I want to use some of my plans of the Medical Research Centre and turn them into fully rendered images to practice using the software.

I had a go at doing a basic plan and model shape just to see how it worked, then a basic plan for part of my model below.

vector 1 3d render3vector 1 3d render2

vector plan 1i



Visuals image available at on 2/5/14] [sourced on 2/05/14]




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